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a berlin home presented by fvf






Freunde von Freunden Mira Schroeder Bless


Freunde von Freunden

It’s been a long week of school and studies, but only Friday left now! An exam in work environment law is coming up next week, but tonight I took a well needed break from the school books dreaming away on my favourite web page Among other I  found this beautiful home (and store) belonging to Mira Schröder, an exhibition designer & BLESS Store resident. Read more about this creative young woman living her life in Berlin by clicking on the link, where you will also be able to view more pictures.

Now it’s time for me put together a food list for next week. I need to replace all my snacks with REAL food. So far I have planned fish wok on Monday, a bean and couscous salad on Tuesday and a tuna melt on Wednesday….lets see what more easy good stuff I can figure out! xx

on our white walls


On the empty white walls in our apartment I would LOVE to have these very neat wall plates from Fornasetti. They are £125 each so they are not student friendly unfortunately, but what are day dreaming for!? The Italian artist, Piero Fornasetti, who made them, was inspired by a women he found in an old French magazine. He started off with a collection of six, but today there are 350 different variations of them. I love the humor! Images from Selfridges! xx

the lazy maid

lata pigan enköping

den lata pigan

second hand

lata pigan

best friend


childhood friends

2013-07-24 14.45.54 (1080x723)

lunch enköping

lunch pie enköping

enköping sweden

Together with our moms my childhood friend Sofia and I went on a little road trip yesterday. First of all we checked out a quite hidden second-hand shop we had heard of called Lata Pigan (the lazy maid), located close to Enköping, about 40km from Västerås . The shop had all kinds of stuff. There were designer bags, lamps from the 50’s and 60’s, tons of dresses, fabrics, bottles, shoes, coats, hats, and so on. After the second-hand hunt we spent the afternoon in down town Enköping. We did some more shopping, had lunch and enjoyed the moment being  back in each others company again. Thank you Sofia, Anki and mom for a great day filled with so much laughter and fun! xx

missoni cushions

missoni home 2   missoni home   missoni1

missoni   missoni 2   missoni

missoni home   missoni 6   missoni 4 

I did a little research on the Italian brand Missoni and found these really cool cushions!! I love both the colors and the patterns. How great would the flowery one, just above this text, fit in a summer cottage. I like how they all stand out so much, all of them very unique! These cost between £175-385 each, but you can find more variations of them here! All images from Selfridges. xx