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Secret Santa Gifts


With one month and four days left until Christmas Eve is here I thought it was time throw in a Chistmas post. I bet a lot of you have been giving up the exchange of presents to everyone you love, and instead you might do the exciting Secret Santa! Above are a few ideas for presents between 10 and 20 pounds. The book and the writing journal you can find at Topshop. The queen bee mug is from Gary Birks. The My Little Pony mug is from Gift republic.  The candle is from Illume and the canvas pouch is from Alphabet bags. May the Secret Santa be with you! xx


The oriental door mat

IKEA mat

In our studio apartment we have a very small hallway, well we probably couldn’t even call it a hallway. Anyway, since we have such small area to leave our shoes on my mum came up with the idea of a bigger door mat (inside the apartment) so that we could just take our shoes off and leave them on the mat instead of having to push them into the little shoe-area. I think a small oriental mat could be a very pretty little piece to be welcomed by as soon as entering our home, or as Dave refers it to “the Brooklyn box” because of its exposed brick wall. Maybe it could be the one above – from IKEA. xx

To cover the walls with insects


Some would say they look creepy, but I say they look beautiful. Just look at the colours! On the web site Art Prints and Posters you can find hundreds of great prints and posters from different designers. My eyes got stuck on the work of Liljebergs, who is the designer of all the images above. I can see a few of them (or all of them) in my future kitchen as a great contrast on a white wall. xx

dreaming away in gold and silver tonight



Gold Prints from Pitfield London. Vases from Villeroy and Boch. Apple from D.L. & CO. Factory Money Box and Golden Bowls from Tom Dixon. Fruit Holders and Pinch Vase from Allesi. Piggy Bank and Candlesticks from Vera Wang @ wedgewood. Lantern from Culinary Concepts. Wall Decoration Words from Umbra. All images from Selfridges

I have been spending the night looking around at fun interiors. I feel it is a great break from the studies. My favourite is the apple up in the right corner which I thought was a jewellery box at first, but it turned out to be a candle in it. Either way, I wouldn’t mind it. Have a sweet night! xx

candles from fornasetti


What do we like better than candles when the dark season surrounds us? Once again I have been falling for Fornasetti. Just like their fun wall plates (that I posted a while ago) these ones are full of humour and playfulness as well. Some of them are not scented while some of them are. Among others they can fill the room with orris, cedarwood, thyme, lavender and floral aroma. They don’t fit a student’s budget but they are still worth dreaming about. Images from Selfridges. xx