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two things I would like for summer 14


wolfcubeImages via wolfcub

Hello and Happy Weekend! I am sitting in bed on this friday night with a bad cold hanging over me. In order to feel better I have consumed quite a bit of hot water with lemon, and about a jar of honey!! Early tomorrow morning a train ticket up to Stockholm is booked so I need to feel better by then.

From a cold to summer. A beach cap and a pair of pool slides is two things I have written down on the “summer-list”. The cap reminds me of my grandmother who always used to wear them on the beach (maybe she still does, but she might have some other kind of hat now), anyway, I think beach caps are cool, and they’re perfect to protect the face from too much sun. I would also like a pair of pool slides. They remind me of being little, wearing them on stoney beaches and hot pool areas abroad. I love when things associate to good memories. xx

there is so much to love

givenchy Givenchy

Good Sunday evening out there! We are five days into the new year, and I have really good feelings about these 365 days ahead. I have three new year resolutions . The first one is to worry less, the second one is to be more effective, and the third one is to continue to focus on the school work. It’s almost just one year left now! Of course I also want to keep up with my last year’s resolutions. In January 2013 I decided to better follow the national and international news, read more books, and build muscles, and I think I have done quite good. I also hope for a bit of traveling this year, and I can’t wait for David’s parents to come over from New Zealand, and also I am so excited about doing my internship at the end of the year. Happy 2014!

Above are a few pieces from Givenchy.  The two different pair of sandals are for their SS 14 and even though I won’t be able to decorate my own feet with them they still make me very excited for the upcoming summer. Aw, beautiful, beautiful sandals xx

completed the house of versace

house of versace

I started the “Versace-journey” this summer, but when school began I had to put it aside for the school books, but this morning I finished it. As always when I complete a book I now feel quite empty. I love this book, mostly because it genuine the whole way trough. It’s not a story written to  embellish the Versace family or the brand. Instead it exposes the family’s Italian love, their passion, their success, their grieve, their fall, and their struggle. It’s not a feel-good-book, it’s a gripping and honest one.

I also just had a look at the trailer of the movie that recently was made from the book, and unfortunately I feel disappointed. The story of the book is heavy and deep, and the trailer felt more humorous than genuine.  So if you are interested about the story, read the book first. I have a feeling you would take more from it. It must also be said that the book not only covers fashion and Versace, but it also gives a bit of a general education, not least about Italy of course, and it has pushed my eager to visit both Milano and Rome quite a bit. xx

italian foods and pink bracelets

italian food

örebro castle

pizza at paolo's


rosa bandet

So, on Friday night I cooked,  like I mentioned in the previous post. I got the idea of making Italian when I saw Paolo Roberto cooking pasta with pesto the same morning on the news. For my dish I used butterfly pasta, creme fraiche, green pesto, baby tomatoes, rocket salad, and mozzarella and then I sprinkled on olive oil fried walnuts. Yum!! But the Italian theme wasn’t over. On Saturday Sofia and I had lunch at the best Pizza place in town, Paolo’s. A place I highly recommend. Their pizza’s are really exceptional with very thin crust and delicious toppings. Among other I had aubergine, parmesan, home-made pesto and pine-nuts on mine.

Sofia and I also made sure to get ourselves two pink bracelets from Matthew Williamson  for Lindex to help the research of breast cancer. All of us might not get cancer, but all of us are, or will be affected from it!! Along with the bracelets we were also given pink jumping ropes. So let’s jump against cancer!

Thank you for the great weekend Sofia. I can’t wait to see you again very soon! xx