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Prada Marfa, Texas

prada marfa

prada marfa

Since the first time I saw The Devil Wears Prada I have been wondering what’s up with the sign that says Prada Marfa 1837 MI, but I never looked into it. The other day though I came across  the Prada Marfa Museum while looking trough Art/Fashion in the 21st Century by Mitchell Oakly Smith and Alison Kubler, and the picture became clear. Call me behind! The installation is created by the Scandinavian duo Elmgreen and Dragset who put it together in 2005 outside of Marfa, Texas. Can you imagine the surprise of meeting this little house with the Prada signs in the middle of nowhere when you’re out on the highway?? It was created to look like a Prada store but works as a museum for Prada shoes and handbags – shoppers have no access to get inside. My first thought was – it must get robbed all the time, right? And I read it was ram-raided short after it was installed, but it seems to stand strong yet today though. My curiosity and eager to one day drive by it myself is growing and it’s definitely up on the bucket list. David is thrilled about the idea as well (not)!

Love, Lisa

An eye check-up


Today it’s time for a first! Well, I did an eye check-up when I took my driving license, but then I knew I didn’t have a problem with my sight. This time though, I know that my sight has gone a bit bad, so I will go for the eye check-up, and probably pick out frames as well. I have a mixed feeling of panic and excitement over this! I won’t go for a fancy brand though. Before I get used to glasses I probably need the most price friendly on the market! It wouldn’t surprise me if I accidentally sit down on them, or lose them on the first week. I can already see myself looking around for them while they sit steady on my head, haha! xx

Whistles and Barbour

339-3001025-LWO0133BK11_BLACKEQUESTRIANPRINT_ALT010_fotorcoats The chilly weather has brought out so many cute coats on the streets, and even though I bought one last season that I am still so fond of I can’t help but look around at this seasons warmies. I like the top one since it’s long and looks toasty warm, but the second one is my favourite – the cape cut is so damn pretty!! They’re from Whistles and Barbour xx

monday inspiration


Let’s start off this Monday with the crazy beautiful  Tunisian model Kenza Fourati! I love how causal she looks here with just leather pants and a simple black t-shirt on, and not to mention her wild beautiful uncontrolled hair – magnificent! Image from styleby.

It’s a new week and I feel very excited! David’s birthday is coming up on Thursday, but I will have to wait until Sunday before I get to spoil him – my birthday boy! I can’t wait! Until then it’s all school work on the agenda. Kisses n’ hugs xx

white n’metallic vs black

Zara zara shoes sweden

If everything goes as planned David and I have a little trip to look forward to in a couple of months. As usual before trips a long list of stuff that needs to be taken care of appears in my head. First out on the list is “sandals”! I need  a new pair of sandals, but I am not sure whether to go for a safe black pair or for a more fun, crazy pair. The ones above are from Zara. I like them both, but for me the white pair is just miraculous!!

Hope you are having a great weekend so far. I am about to hit the library in hope to collect some books and articles for this spring’s upcoming essay. xx