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A nespresso morning




I would like to start off this day by sending a big hug of happiness and excitement to Vicki and Graeme who gave us this amazing Nespresso machine – Thank you so much guys!! We have been drinking delicious long coffees this morning and it feels so luxurious to have our own little barista in the kitchen. It will be very well used! X

As usual this weekend has been going by so quickly. On Friday I was on a Diversity day with lots of inspiring lectures. The best lecturer was Sara, a 65 years old transvestite who talked about welcoming diversity. She passed on new and fresh perspectives and I believe she killed many bias during those hours that she was standing in front of us. She has been writing a book called From Man to Human that I cant wait to read.

On friday night David and I had dinner at home before heading out for a few drinks down town. I am impressed by Västerås’ night life now days. For a city of 130 000 people I think the selection of places to go to depending on what kind of night you are looking for is good.  Yesterday we where out all day shopping with my parents before crashing on the sofa at home. We watched Hunger Games – Catching Fire, so now we’re ready to see the first part of the third movie at the movies – exciting! xx

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