No more HP for me because yesterday I got myself a retina MacBook Pro! I thought it was time to enter the Apple world all-in, and I’m already loving it! It’s so smooth to use and the high pixel screen makes it amazing to watch Netflix on! And of course, it will also be great to write my upcoming school report on, and other work!

Today is the day  before my 10 week-long internship/work experience starts, that I will practice at Länsförsäkringar Bergslagen – a Swedish insurance company and bank. My main project for these weeks is to create an introduction guide that aim to introduce new employees to the company, and effectively get them on board. To start new work is proved to be one of the most anxious times of people’s work lives experiences, and therefore I hope that a well made introduction plan can help to ease this process, both for the new employees, but of course also for the employer. Today is almost all about getting ready for tomorrow – I will go to the library, do some study and prepare for tomorrow morning’s meeting.

I will also try to enjoy this Sunday with my Kiwi of course. The other day we spotted a Bianchi Café & Cycles only fifteen minutes away from our house. Since Kiwi is a fan of bikes this place got stuck on his mind and we will pay it a visit later on – Italian Coffee here we come! xx