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raspberry smoothies

I think the best way to cool off when the summer heat hits the hardest is with smoothies made out of frozen berries. The ones above are made from frozen raspberries, vanilla quark and low-fat yoghurt, so they are very low in calories, but rich in taste. Perfect. To get inspired on more kinds of smoothies you can check out the food network, who have listed 50 different recipes.

Here in Sweden we are longing for rain now since the biggest forest fire in Swedish history (in modern time) is ongoing. The county is surrounded by smoke and lots of people have had to evacuate. Luckily we have got help from both Italy and France with “water bomb” helicopters, and the firefighters are starting to get more control over the situation. My thoughts go to everyone that is affected by the fire, and I keep my fingers crossed that no more people or animals will be hurt from it.

Lots of love! xx