givenchy Givenchy

Good Sunday evening out there! We are five days into the new year, and I have really good feelings about these 365 days ahead. I have three new year resolutions . The first one is to worry less, the second one is to be more effective, and the third one is to continue to focus on the school work. It’s almost just one year left now! Of course I also want to keep up with my last year’s resolutions. In January 2013 I decided to better follow the national and international news, read more books, and build muscles, and I think I have done quite¬†good. I also hope for a bit of traveling this year, and I can’t wait for David’s parents to come over from New Zealand, and also I am so excited about doing my internship at the end of the year. Happy 2014!

Above are a few pieces from Givenchy. ¬†The two different pair of sandals are for their SS 14 and even though I won’t be able to decorate my own feet with them they still make me very excited for the upcoming summer. Aw, beautiful, beautiful sandals xx