house of versace

I started the “Versace-journey” this summer, but when school began I had to put it aside for the school books, but this morning I finished it. As always when I complete a book I now feel quite empty. I love this book, mostly because it genuine the whole way trough. It’s not a story written to  embellish the Versace family or the brand. Instead it exposes the family’s Italian love, their passion, their success, their grieve, their fall, and their struggle. It’s not a feel-good-book, it’s a gripping and honest one.

I also just had a look at the trailer of the movie that recently was made from the book, and unfortunately I feel disappointed. The story of the book is heavy and deep, and the trailer felt more humorous than genuine.  So if you are interested about the story, read the book first. I have a feeling you would take more from it. It must also be said that the book not only covers fashion and Versace, but it also gives a bit of a general education, not least about Italy of course, and it has pushed my eager to visit both Milano and Rome quite a bit. xx