love of rain

I think the grey and rainy weather is here to stay at least until the snow arrives. I know I have said this before, but on days like this when I have no plans, that include outside  activities, I LOVE the rain. To be in bed and hear the dripping sound, to sit by the table and watch the pools of water get bigger and bigger. It’s so calming.

I though I would wake up with a terrible hangover today but it seems like the alcohol from yesterday’s night out was evaporated due to all the dancing. Since we were out in town the music was a bit  more up to date and a lot more dance friendly  than what the good old student night club normally offers. Thanx to all people who made the night so much fun! You are amazing!

Tomorrow a normal school week starts again, and I need to find my motivation for the gym again since last week was slow. It is all about the routine to get up in the morning, and walk to the gym no matter how toasty warm the bed is. I am aiming for 4 sessions, how hard could it be when I know how good it makes me feel afterwards. It’s like a big vitamin pill =) Now, bedtime! xx