hash browns

hash browns lunch

hash brown lunch

Good afternoon out there! Friday is here and the weekend is more than welcome. After a few days of writing on a home exam that was due yesterday I am now taking this day to just relax to the fullest. I did take myself out in the pouring rain a few hours ago though to buy potatoes for my planned hash brown lunch. It was the first time I made them and I was very happy with the result. With a slice of smoked salmon with it (which I didn’t have today) I think it could be a successful starter when having people over or just as a light lunch.

For one person I used one large potato and a few slices of rich flavored cheese. Use a grater and then fry the shredded potato together with the cheese lightly in a frying pan. The surface turn out so crispy and great while the inside stays soft with lots of flavour from the cheese. Serve it with creme fraiche and chives,  and salmon for example. Simple and quick. xx