white chocolate kisses

marabou white chocolate

white chocolate kisses

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saturday afternoon

white chocolate kisses

It looks like a big grey blanket covers the sky today, and the yet so green leaves on the tree outside the window look tired while the raindrops keep hitting them. But I don’t mind this weather! Rain is beautiful!

These little sweets above are called white chocolate kisses. I made them to have something to nibble on while reading this afternoon. They’re simple to make and they’re delicious!

All you need is an orange, about 200 g of white chocolate and about 150 g of nuts and dried fruit. It will make you about 15-20 of them.

Just carefully melt the white chocolate and then add nuts and dried fruit to it. Stir very carefully if you don’t want all of the nuts to be covered in chocolate. Put little pieces of it on a baking paper and add orange zest on the top of them. They’re good to be served after being in the fridge for about 30 minutes, yummy!  Enjoy! xx