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green juice

Hi there loves! Hope you have had a fantastic start to this weekend. I certainly have! Last night was spent with a big group of my amazing Uni friends. I feel very lucky to have met so many fun and amusing people through school, it makes me all varm to think about them all! But a fun night with alcohol involved normally results with a hangover day, like today! Normally people crave fatty fast food on the day after drinking. I do sometimes, but just as often I crave nutritious food on my hangover days. It’s like my body asks for some balance and I can really understand why. After fighting to get rid of all the alcohol the least we can do for our bodies are to take in nutritious and healthy food that can help the recovery. I think that my green drink above is a great recovery juice. It’s not only a vitamin boost, but it also helps to fight the dehydration that is caused by the alcohol. This juice is made out of banana, apple, fresh spinach, celery, ginger and water, and it actually tastes very good. xx