the lazy maid

lata pigan enköping

den lata pigan

second hand

lata pigan

best friend


childhood friends

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lunch enköping

lunch pie enköping

enköping sweden

Together with our moms my childhood friend Sofia and I went on a little road trip yesterday. First of all we checked out a quite hidden second-hand shop we had heard of called Lata Pigan (the lazy maid), located close to Enköping, about 40km from Västerås . The shop had all kinds of stuff. There were designer bags, lamps from the 50’s and 60’s, tons of dresses, fabrics, bottles, shoes, coats, hats, and so on. After the second-hand hunt we spent the afternoon in down town Enköping. We did some more shopping, had lunch and enjoyed the moment being  back in each others company again. Thank you Sofia, Anki and mom for a great day filled with so much laughter and fun! xx