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Hi there! It’s been four quite hectic days since I last wrote. Among other things I have said good-bye to my uni friends for the summer, I have had my examination, we have turned in our B-report, and we have had friends over from our “london-family”for a visit . It feels good that summer break is here even though I know it will also be hard since a new chapter is starting. Kiwi will move to Stockholm full-time and we won’t see each everyday anymore. But I am trying to look at it from the bright side. This will give me the chance to go to Stockholm more often, and that fills me with excitement!! =)

Today Kiwi and I have had the whole day together. We have been out on the lawn sunbathing, walking around and we have been visiting some second-hand shops. I bought a pair of boots for 55kr which I absolutely love, and I will show them to you shortly =) xx