mother’s day


Here you have my mom and I 24 years ago on a family vacation on Lanzarote. We are riding on a camel. Today is Mother’s day here in Sweden and along with that I came to think about something earlier – what an incredible journey you are a part of together with your family. You see each other grow, fall, learn, fight, fall in love, worry, succeed, get heart-broken, cry, laugh and struggle, but even in those moments when it feels like life will take you down to the bottom, you can always stop for a second and think – no matter what is happening next I will always have my family next to me. They might not be able to solve the problems but they will make sure that you won’t have to face them alone. I am very thankful for my big family and I love every second of every moment I get to be around them. Today I am extra thankful for my mom of course. She is the brightest star and no words can express how much she means to me and to my family! xx