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Hi there! The past week has been quite intense with school and studies! Now I am about to get ready for a five hour meeting with our mentor, but after that – finally some fun!! David and I will have a night out with friends to celebrate Frida’s boyfriend Erik who turned 22 yesterday! I can’t wait to meet up with everyone, have wine and enjoy the beautiful weather that finally arrived here in Örebro.

Above are a few pics from the past week, from the few moments outside of school =) I wear my new gym tights one of them, so comfy and great. It’s so much easier to hit the gym if you like what you wear, maybe that’s obvious ,but it makes a big difference to me. I also sneaked in a pic of David at the gym, not sure how much he likes that, but I just had to show off all that muscles pumping, haha! And there is also a pic of my beautiful Frida and our sushi lunch from last weekend. Sushi could be the best food I know, healthy and delicious!! =) Talk soon again! xx