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mango smoothie

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mango smoothie

mango smoothie

Hello out there! I hope you guys are good and that you are making the best out of this…..snowy day? But its spring!! This only happens in April – the day starts off with spring feelings and ends up with snow fall! Oh, well…

My snowy Wednesday snack is a mango smoothie! I don’t think I have ever used mango in my smoothies before. I normally think that mango has a weird “soap-texture”, especially if you eat the frozen pieces, but to have it mixed worked great – all I tasted was the good flavour! In my smoothie I mixed one banana, 100g frozen mango pieces and 2dl of oat milk. For decoration I used a little bit of mango and coconut flakes. Refreshing, healthy and very tasty! Now its study time and then I am off to Frida’s house for a cosy night with friends from school! xx

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