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For my birthday I got a gift sent to me from the other side of the globe, and as you might understand it was David’s parents and sister who spoiled me with this lovely piece. It is from the Australian brand Elk and I am so charmed about it! To let you know a bit about the brand I will quote the text written on the cute paper bag;

Fashion accessories designed in Melbourne and made from the finest materials sourced from around the globe. Elk works with small family manufactures utilising traditional crafts and skills. Proudly supporting small communities with consistent, sustainable, work. Elk is proud to be a platinum champion for children contributing to UNICEF’s work for the most vulnerable children. Elk timber is sourced from sustainable plantation trees.  

That is so great! All thumbs up for ELK! Thank you so much Vicki, Graeme and Sophie for this beautiful necklace! Lots n’ lots of love xx