home made bread

Yay! Kiwi and I made it to the gym!! And what a cute gym it was!! Quite small, but it still didn’t feel crowded at all. In fact the gym felt very friendly and personal, and I can understand why Kiwi likes it there. It’s called Motionsform and you can have a look at it here! Now, its time for me to hit the shower. I am off for a birthday party in just a couple of hours. David will stay at home and prepare for tomorrows conference in Stockholm. It will be held at Spotify’s premises, and I think it will be a very fun and educated day for him!  Above is a little pic of this afternoons snack. It’s another one of mom’s home-made breads with apricot, nuts and ficus fruit in it. I added some peanut butter, avocado and eggs (sorry for the egg obsession on this blog, haha). Filling and delicious! xx