weekend bbbbbbbbbb bbbbbb
After the exam week the weekEND was very longed for! On Friday Lovisa, Hanne, Frida and I met up at Frida’s to get ready together before the party – Frida did both my hair and make up, she is such a sweetheart! My hair ended up with very glamorous waves, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of it! Frida and Erik’s house soon ended up with lots of class mates and the whole night was a blast! Saturday was not as much fun though. Not only do I get this terrible hangover every time I have been drinking, but I also get a very sad and hopeless feeling inside, like life lost its meaning! It sounds quite harsh, and it is, until about after supper, then I start to feel better again! I am thinking about having another month without any party and alcohol, like I did a while ago. It’s important to take care of the one and only sanctuary that you have got!!

I have been a bit creative this weekend as well though, because I have been cooking!! I have made green curry thai food!! I had a huge craving for it yesterday, but instead of going to Spicy Hot to buy it I decided to face one of my lacking skills – and I did it! It was quite easy and turned out great! It was all vegetarian, lots of beans, lots of vegetables, lots of nutrition!

I also started a little project this weekend, after an accident in the bathroom! No one did their pants so don’t worry! But I dropped David’s deodorant (that seemed to be made out of steel) on our soap holder that is made out of ceramics, and the ceramic broke. From it I got two very cute little creamed coloured pieces with flowers on. So I now have this idea that I will start to collect little broken ceramics and crockery pieces – a bit weird I know!! But when I have enough of them they will be a part of a little artwork I have in mind. This will be the perfect mission for the summer when all the garage sales are going on. Broken pieces of ceramics and crockery…