a green vitamin boost

smoothie mix

green smoothie

green smoothie

I managed to mix together a very tasty vitamin boost smoothie earlier today! Even David thought it was really fresh and nice, but I did have to lie and say it wasn’t celery in it before he drank it – I was busted after his first sip, haha! I think smoothies are perfect snacks in between meals, they are filling, but not heavy.

1. I used 3 dl of water and a big handful of seasonal salad mix and blended it together until smooth.

2. Then I added one stick of celery, one banana (I changed the apple on the pic to one banana instead), one peeled pear and a kiwi – mix at high-speed!

3. And then I finished it off with the juice from half a lemon and 2 teaspoons of honey, and then I did one last short blend! Ready to serve!!

Yum!! xx