cheers to our birthday boy

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thai food

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parents love

Good evening dear friends! Today we have had my amazing parents over for a little late celebration of David’s birthday! I love to have my family around (and it needs to be said that my mom is very good at funny faces,  as you can see, haha)! We ate thai food, drank wine, an african one, Chenin Blanc, my new favourite, and for dessert we had chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, caramel ice cream, raspberries and a homemade marmalade mom brought with – yum! David blew out all the candles on the cake (and lots of the vanilla suger decoration all over the table, haha) and hopefully he made a very awesome wish with that! Thanx M&D for the visit. We miss you already!

And while we are talking about family’s and fun stuff – it’s now only 4 and a half months left untill David’s parents are comin’n over to Europe from New Zealand. I can’t express how excited I am, but still that’s probably not even close to how Dave feels. Kisses n’ hugs xx