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Oh, I have had such a great day today!! It started off with school at 09.15 which means that both school and an 8km walk could be checked off before lunch. When arriving at home I am happily surprised when our new table is standing right in front of me, all mounted! Thank you so much Kiwi!! This made me very eager to get the old table and chairs out on Blocket (a big Swedish online market), and we already got one interested to buy it!  And at last, but for sure not least, a few minutes ago the results for our last exam came out and I passed!! I even got a better result than that I could have hoped for! It is a great relief, and it means that the first year of Uni is all done!!  Happy happy Friday!! The celebration party won’t be until next Friday though! I can’t wait!

And yeah, on the lowest pic you can see our old table and chairs out on sale! Fingers crossed that they will get a new and nice home to decorate! xx