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a96 alexander wang 

Clocks from NEWGATE, Shoes from ALEXANDER WANG, Scarf from RAULPH LAUREN and Bag from MARC JACOBS!  You can find them all here!

I just realized that David and I don’t have one singe clock in the apartment. It would be nice to have one,  instead of just always running around looking for the lost phone while in a hurry. I like the four ones above a lot! The other four pieces are just massive “one-day-in-the-future-wishes” It’s time to start the saving!

On David’s birthday yesterday we had a really cosy time. Wine, pizza and amazing friends!! On Sunday Mom and Dad are coming’ over for a little after-celebration for David. We will have to get the new table ready by then, otherwise the food will have to be served on the floor, and that’s only okay when non-celebrations are going on! xx