I've loved you so long

There is no doubt that Swedes (apart from the Swedish movies) in general watch almost exclusively American movies, and maybe a British one every now and then. So why is that?  They are on TV every day on almost every channel, their posters are decorating the walls outside the movie theatre all year around, but also, I think it’s because we are a bit lazy. Not only since we are not making time looking for good international movies in foreign languages, but also, we want to multi task while watching it. A few weeks ago I watched this amazing French movie, in English it’s called I’ve Loved You So Long. I was only a few minutes in when I started to get annoyed – I couldn’t go to the kitchen or check pinterest or instagram without missing what they said – I had to watch the subtitle for every sentence! But then I got annoyed with myself – isn’t the pleasure of watching a movie to be totally focused on it, and to let it sweep you away for a bit?! Of course it is! So that’s what i did. I gave the movie my full attention, and it was really a great movie. What I really wanted with this blog post was to give you a film tip, but I wondered away as usual! So as a contrast, to all the American movies, take your time and watch something else, like I’ve Loved You So Long for example. It tells you a story of a women struggling to interact with society after being in prison for 15 years for a murderer. It’s about family and it’s about sisters. It’s beautiful and touching! And I can really recommend you to see it! xx

P.s. Unnecessary info – it felt like I was thinking in French all night after watching it, even though I don’t know more than one sentence in French,  so yeah, this movie for sure did some unusual impact on me!! D.s.