fat tuesday buns on a wednesday

cream buns

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Good evening folks! After a fun but quite exhausting day at work I felt a strong need for a sweet treat! The Fat Tuesday is coming up soon, on the 12th of February to be exact, but I couldn’t wait that long! I love Fat Tuesday Buns (also known as cream buns), and I believe they start to grow on David as well!  The home-made ones are of course the best, my mommy makes my favourites, but tonight these half-smushed grocery ones had to be enough!

For those of you who doesn’t know, the Fat Tuesday is the swedish name for the Tuesday after Quinquagesime and the day between Shrove Monday and Ash Wednesday. The tradition comes from eating this filling bun the day before the Lenten fast!

Now it’s time for bed – tomorrow school starts at 09.15 and in the afternoon I will join Viktora for a trip to Marieberg (a big shopping mall just outside of Örebro) and IKEA. Together with her fiance, Viktoria just bought a house out on the country side, and she is not the one holding back on her taste of interior design, so tomorrow should be a lot of fun! Sleep tight my friends! xx