cookie monster and I

cookie monster and I together

cookie monster and I

Let’s balance these silly pics with text that is a bit more serious!

I have had a couple of friends asking me this week what my new years resolutions are for this year, and I was thinking of two ways to improve myself. The first one, that I have actually worked quite hard on for the past two weeks is to get things done! I find myself quite often  not doing what I’m meant to do, and why is that? Because some tasks just brings out very unpleasant feelings. I’m thinking if I do it later, it will be done better! If I wait untill I have been sleeping or when I have been eating I will understand and perform  better. What I’m starting to understand though is that the postponement is only making it much worse! A few days ago I decided to do all the ‘have to’s’ in the morning. I wrote e-mails, I paid bills, I made phone calls and so on, and I was done before noon – great feeling! No sitting on the chair biting my nails thinking of all the ‘have to’s’ anymore – from now on, even the unpleasant tasks, are gonna be taken care of effectively and life will be happier and less stressful!

My second resolution for this year (or my second wish I should probably say) is to build muscles. I hate that I haven’t been to the gym in so long, and that I am not building muscles to hold up my body. I would like to take care of my myself and see my body as a sanctuary. And what would a sanctuary be without strong walls holding it all up and together?! It’s not that I don’t exercise though, I power walk a lot and as soon as the snow is gone and it’s a bit warmer outside  I will start to jog again.  The problem is that my motivation for going to the  gym is not strong enough yet. And it needs to be, I wanna long for the gym when I wake up in the mornings, like I have been before! So it’s a new years wish that I am still hoping for – to build strong and healthy muscles!

It was probably a good idea to get the thoughts out here, it will help me to work harder for the goals! Now it’s time for me and Cookie monster to wish you a good night and sweet dreams! Talk soon again!xx