at the market

market market


Good afternoon folks! Friday is here again. That means work for my Kiwi, and a little bit of work for me as well. We both have slept terribly bad for the past week, but with  x cups of consumed coffee, we are hopefully good for the night!

The few pictures above are taken at the winter market that is spread around Örebro City at the moment. I was there earlier today and I really like these kind of markets. I love the smell of roasted almonds (I bought two packages of them), all the great food and all the beautiful handicrafts. The only downside today was that I was dressed way too poorly! I almost had to run all the way home because it felt like my little frozen toes were falling off! Luckily for me David was home so I heated my toes up in between his warm thighs (on his bare skin, haha)! He is a very generous boyfriend! =) xx