cosy warm

Got ready for school so early this morning, it felt like I was sleep walking while getting there! To get up at seven is way too early for a full-time student!

sleepy school girl

Good thing I love afternoon naps!! I was laying in bed drooling for about 40 minutes after getting home from school (does 40 min count as a power nap?) Either way, I think it’s really effective. It’s like taking a caffeine pill!! But better!! =) And thanx for the pic Kiwi – now I will never forget this awesome nap, hehe!

örebro basket

And last but not least, this evening David and I went to a basketball game together with Frida and Erik. The local team was playing, and even though I am not a huge sports fan I think it’s so much fun to go to this kind of events, especially if you have a team to cheer for!! Örebro won with about 90-76. Good work!!

Now it’s time for bed though. Tomorrow Maria is coming over from Västerås for lunch, and I can’t wait to see her again, my sweet friend! And at night I am off for a little bit of work! It should be a good Wednesday!! Sweet dreams my friends xx