silence room



We live in a world full of information and stimulation. We live in a knowledge society! We daily get taught new things and we daily communicate with dozens of people! We talk, we listen, we interpret, we understand. We live in a world full of noise!

One time when I was 17 I was riding a car with two adults , one man and one women ( I know them both well now, but I didn’t know them too well then). I am sitting quiet in the back sit when the man says, in a playful way “Shut Up Lisa, you are talking way too much!” I am quietly laughing at the joke, when the women says ” She is being polite and doesn’t just talk for the sake of it, she talks when she has something to say!” I am not sure how I can remember this so clearly, but I remembered thinking that it was true. Often I don’t like to make the small talk. I like the quiet as a contrast to the loud and busy.

Maybe that’s why I think this idea that Selfridges are coming up with is so cool. To balance the noisy reality they are going to make a silence room in the department store. This is a new silent store concept and the project is to celebrate the power of quiet. It will be available from the 7th of January to the end of February.  To read more about it click here! xx