happy new year


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love sisters

red shirt

dancing girl

dancing girl

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so cute


new years cake

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Happy New Year friends and family!! I hope you all had a great night to finish off 2012 and that you all are ready for a sparkeling new 2013!

I had a wonderful time last night together with my sister, my brother-in-law, a couple of their friends and four amazing little munchkins running around, dancing and playing (and a little munchkin baby in my sister’s oven of course). We ate delicious food, played board games, Jesper was playing the grand piano and Anna was playing the guitar, we were singing, and just enjoying a great last night. Thank you so much for having me! lots of love to you

So what were my David up to? He was being the responsible one and worked! It’s quite funny how we have been together for three new years now but we haven’t spent any of them together . Two years ago he was in New Zealand for his sister’s wedding and I was working in London, one year ago I just moved back to Sweden and he was working in London, this year we are both in Sweden but in different cities!? Geographically the distance are getting smaller and smaller so hopefully next year I will finally be able to give my baby a New years kiss at midnight! xx

Now it’s time for me do finish off my late breakfast and then start to pack. In a couple of hours I will be on the train back to Örebro again. I can’t wait to see my Davos again!! xx