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dinner pasta

Hello! I hope you’re all good out there, and that you are not too sad that Christmas is over! But it is a bit sad isn’t it? No more christmas candy and no more mulled wine for another 11 months!

I guess a lot of you are very thrilled about New Years Eve though! An evening to dress up from top till toe, drink champagne, and enjoy the company of friends and family who are all so excited about a new fun year to start.

I can really understand the excitement, but in many ways I find New Years Eve very stressful. Not only because people have super high expectations for the night, but because a whole year has gone, 365 days have passed! I guess I don’t like time flying, and every New Years I get reminded that it does.

Alright, enough with the anxiety talk! And over to something fun, because yesterday I spent the whole night with my amazing friend Maria! We have been friends since first year of high school (10th grade in Sweden), and even though she has been living abroad, and I have been living abroad, and we have been apart for very long periods we always, ALWAYS know that we have each other! Last night we made a quick visit to town before heading home to Maria’s house for a very tasty┬átortellini dinner. For the rest of the night we were laying bloated in front of Made in Chelsea! We are both BIG fans of this British reality show! Haha..xx