bread and coffee


fruit sallad

to collide

fruit bread

frukt bröd ica

to collide

blue cup

I think it’s true, like my dear mom pointed out for me a few days ago, that I start to get old! Today when I walked into Ica for some grocery shopping I ran right into a sample stand where you could try new baked bread. I love bread, who doesn’t when it’s new baked? But it seemed like it was only me and the seniors (80+) who were interested. We were standing there nodding and smiling at each other for the opportunity to try some bread . Anyway, I was sold and gasped out that I would love to buy some new baked fruit bread and the promoter looked at me like I was a fox among the chickens. Anyway, now I sit here at my table next to the window with my new baked fruit bread and coffee, and life feels extremely good. Only people who starts to get old appreciates moments like this I am sure.

But then I was thinking that maybe the subject matter. I am not getting old in every way!! Like I mentioned yesterday I am a big Twilight fan, and I love Harry Potter and fantasy books/ films in general. I think that’s something I will never grow too old for.  Like my aunt’s husband Rodney. He is 50+ and he loves Disneyland. He could probably not even count how many times he has been there! Isn’t that amazing?! I believe that some things you just never grow too old for! I can lay in bed at night wondering and imagine what it would be like to have a super power, or what it would be like to be a wizard and go to Hogwarts. And I believe that I will always have thoughts like this. The imagination is a gift that we should use because it could really take us away to unknown places, and how cool is that!?

Omg, I sound so lame!! I better stop writing while I still got some coolness left! Lots of love! xx