rise and shine it’s cardio time

rise and shine

A little pic from my morning walk. I was way too tired for a run, but I think an hours walk at 7.30 was great as well.

A few weeks ago something quite important hit me. I realized how very little I know about what’s going on both in Sweden and around the world. It was embarrassing to understand that I have been missing out on big world-wide events and news that has been effecting thousands or millions of people. I have missed out on so much because I haven’t cared enough to turn on the news. Instead I have been sitting  on my couch biting my nails (I know it’s sickly and yuck) and thinking about what new winter boots to buy. It’s time for a change! I wanna be educated on more topics than merely HR that I study in Uni. I wanna know what’s happening around us every day! I now try to watch the news in the mornings and it’s really giving me a lot. A good change I must say! x