power walk


to collide

The red leaves days are over for this year. Now I am longing for the snow. I want a white winter wonderland outside the window =)

In this very moment I’m sitting watching Nybyggarna. A Swedish show about homeless people who together are rebuilding and renovating a house to live in out in the country sideIn this episode they are focusing on a super sweet nineteen year old girl named Bim who learned how to take injections when she was fourteen, got homeless at sixteen, and started trading sex for drugs as a routine.  It’s painful to hear a girl that young talk about experiencing a life that rough. I hope that she will get clean quick so that she can build herself a new and safe life! All luck to her!

Tomorrow I am hoping for more sunny weather. It would be perfect with a run in the morning before opening up the school books. Now it’s time for me to say good night my friends, and talk soon xx