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the sick studier

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A few days ago a lovely little virus came into our house. It’s very effective  and offers painful throats, headaches, coughs and sore eyes…perfect timing since our first exam is in a week, and all I can concentrate on is to hold up my heavy Dumbo  head. Ok, ok, I am really whining now, it’s time to harden up, life is not too tuff =) Well, for David it has actually been two tough nights. I have been living on garlic to get rid of the cold, and as a result of the yummy odor I emit, poor  David has been dreaming about vampire hunts (twilight fan much?!?)!! I feel so bad, but at the moment a stinky garlic girlfriend is all I can offer!

Speaking about my beautiful “sambo”, Dave has been moving up to the next group up at the SFI (Swedish for Immigrants).  He is now in the hardest and fastest group together with people who has been talking the class for three months longer. So happy for him!  =) xx