taco bar good morning saturday

There is something about sleeping at mom and dad’s that’s very peaceful, well at least until early morning comes, then the phone starts to ring, the cat starts to seek for attention and there is always some kind of activity starting in the house. Well at least it makes me get up in time =)

The happiness I felt seeing Maria yesterday was amazing! There was probably about six months ago since we last saw each other (not ok)!! After a few happy tears and hugging we went to Taco Bar for dinner. I need to give  Taco Bar in Västerås lots of cred for all their vegetarian alternatives. It was pretty much just one dish out of the whole menu that they couldn’t make into a vegetarian style, how good is that?

The rest of the night we spent on the couch at Maria’s house drinking wine, eating candy and watching the movie “We Need to Talk About Kevin”. If you have seen it feel free to share what you think about it. I think that if you are looking for a deep, confusing, twisted and sick movie you won’t be disappointed watching it.

Laters babes x