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I wanted to share with you two lovely feel good books that I have been reading recently and that I warmly recommend.

This first one is called A vintage Affair (or as the Swedish title says: Vickis Vintage butik) written by Isabel Wolff. In this book you get to know Phoebe (or as in the Swedish version – Vicki). Her highest dream is to open up a vintage store and she got every detail of it planned, but Phoebe caries a very heavy burden from a past happening on her shoulders. Despite this she tries hard to move on. One day she meets an elderly French woman and Phoebe feels a strong connection with her. It turns out that the old women has been living with a similar burden as Phoebe for many many years.

The second book is called Lucy in the Sky, written by Paige Toon. This story is about Lucy. She moved to London nine years ago from Australia, and she has not been back since. Now her best friend Molly, that she hasn’t seen since she left, is getting married and Lucy will fly back to Australia for the wedding. She is very excited, but soon before take off she gets a text from her hard-working boyfriend James – a text that will make the two weeks away a bit out of the ordinary.

Wow, I really suck at writing little book reports, I can see that now, but it’s alright. I wasn’t planning of making a big fortune of it anyway. Kisses and hugs my dearest