David’s sister and brother in law didn’t like the idea of me going home without a souvenir from Ibiza, so they got me this amazing towel at the airport before departure. Thank you so much Julia and Kurt, it really brings back the memories of the trip and mostly of our night at Pacha dancing to Tiesto of course. David and I miss you so much and we hope that we will see you soon! lots of hugs and kisses to you xx

In this post I also wanna let you all know that David started to write on a personal blog (that has nothing to do with cocktails and alcohol) where you can read all about whats going on in my geeky man’s head while trying to figure out life in a new (and soon very cold) country. It’s not a lot of pictures on it (yet) but already one or two wise words from the nerd (that I love so much!). You can find the blog here! xx