It’s time to say good bye to the light summer clothes and welcome the warming pieces of fall. I am just in action to pack all the little shorts and dresses away to give space for the knits (and the long johns).

As you probably know by now I have been longing for the fall so badly during the past couple of months.  The sad feeling inside of me that I had for most of the summer is so far away now. Being back in school, the change of colours on the leaves and the dropping temperature make me feel alive and happy.

I know it will take a few more months until the snow comes, but just the thought of coming home from a winter activity with a cold little nose tip, frost on the eye lashes and warm up with a blanket n’ a hot drink makes me smile. David might call me “his strange girlfriend” for this, but I promise that I will show him how beautiful and amazing even the cold season can be. xx