I got this lovely evening bag from Lindex today. I have been looking for one with a handle to have around the wrist (it’s a smart way to decrease the chances to lose the bag when alcohol is involved). But I also wanted one with a removable shoulder strap. It gives you few more alternatives on how to wear it. I am also a big fan of the studs so I must say I found a pretty good piece for me!

I also did a bit of a budget shopping today. Instead of buying hair oil and hair powder from LANZA as planned I found two alternatives at H&M from PROFFS for less then half of the price. I really like LANZA so it will be interesting to see if the products from PROFFS can deliver the same quality.

A few days ago I also tried a budget hair mask i got from the pharmacy. It’s from Apoliva and I can tell you straight away, at least for me, it worked just as well as any other hair masks I have tried. Thumbs up for that budget mask. I can’t remember the exact price of it but it was for sure under 50 kr. xx