A Goji berry drink that I made for the first time a few weeks ago is now a new favourite. Among other ingredients it contains the “super-food” Goji berry, also well known as Wolf berry. The berry is red and when dried it looks a bit like a raisin. It contains lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It’s said to help prevent fatigue and tiredness, improve circulation and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. In the fitness and health industry it’s well known for helping weight loss and keeping the body fit and young.

For this drink you will need: 3 dl (300 ml) coconut milk, 2 msk (2 table spoons) Goji berries, 1 dl (100 ml) pineapple, 2 msk (2 table spoons) protein powder and a blender to mix it into a smooth drink.

The reicpe is made by the Swedish television dietitian Anna Skipper.

If you try it – enjoy! xx